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We are present from the pre-operational stage and the structuring of the businesses. We constitute the required vehicles and provide comprehensive advice within the companies, including, their incorporation, operation and financing. We advise and assist our clients on issues related to management and administrative bodies, partner relations, investment and shareholder agreements, acquisition processes, reorganization, mergers, spin-offs, and corporate transformations.

Derecho Cambiario
Derecho Migratorio


A clear, documented relationship in accordance with current legislation is essential for the proper functioning and growth of companies.  At CMC Abogados we accompany our clients in labor aspects such as hiring, terminations, salary and desalarization schemes, disciplinary processes and litigation, among others.


Taxes and their treatment are one of the fundamental aspects in all businesses. Our experience allows us to provide proactive advice for the benefit of our clients' needs, carrying out analysis and implementation of tax schemes and planning.


We accompany our clients in the process of negotiation and preparation of their contracts, public and private, national and international, and in the formalization of their business relationships, in order to achieve more effective and stable contractual schemes and avoid conflicts.

Derecho Contractual


We advise our clients on foreign exchange issues related to their investments in Colombia. We plan the operations in order to obtain the one that best suits the particular needs and represents the highest efficiency for each situation. We also provide services in relation  with procedures initiated by Colombian authorities in this regard.

Derecho Tributario
Derecho Laboral


In a sector where precision and time are fundamental for an optimal operation, we offer airlines and companies that develop related activities, such as workshops, handling companies and training facilities, a highly specialized and efficient service that covers everything necessary for them to develop their activities in Colombia, including operation permits and aeronautical authorizations, aircraft imports and exports, leasing and aircraft exchange contracts. Likewise, we have a wide experience in the relationship with the relevant public entities.


In response to our clients' need to relate to public entities, we provide advice on administrative law issues in general. Our services include judicial representation in the different administrative procedures, advice on contractor selection procedures and the signing, execution and settlement of state contracts, among others.

Derecho Administrativo


Having been present in more than thousands of proceedings before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce representing our clients, CMC is prepared to meet all types of requirements related to consumer rights before the entities in charge.


As economic globalization increases, many companies and products enter the Colombian market daily to compete.  At CMC Abogados we advise our clients on the procedures and limits existing in Colombian and international regulations on competition. We handle issues related to competition law such as business integrations, collusive agreements, restrictive practices and agreements, abuse of dominant position and unfair competition.

Derecho del Consumo


At CMC we are prepared to ensure the regular migration status of our clients and their employees, providing the visa and permit solutions that fits their needs. Our services include the analysis of the best visa option according to the circumstances, the collection of documents, the filing of the application, the response to requirements and the accompaniment before the entities involved such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Consulates of Colombia, and Colombia´s Migration Office.

Derecho de la Competencia


A highly developed sector in the last years in Colombia, real estate operations require a close and constant counseling that prevents problems and conflict before the start of any project and after the end of the construction or transaction. To achieve this, we offer our services in matters such as title studies, permits, licenses for construction and accompaniment in purchase and sale processes, amongst others.

Derecho Aeronáutico


We offer complete, comprehensive and specialized advice on all Compliance and Data Protection issues.

Creation and implementation of SAGRILAFT and/or PTEE.

Compliance Officer

Creation and implementation of the Personal Data Protection Policy.



Our attorneys have litigation experience in the areas in which they specialize.  We are prepared to represent our clients in civil, labor, real estate, administrative and criminal litigation.

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